Staffing Solutions

Staffing as we all know facilitates the achievement of organisational goals by inviting applications from and selecting individuals whose goals are congruent to the organisational goals.
While staffing we take into account of organisation internal factor such as personal policies, climate of the organisation and the appraisal factor. We also take into account of external factor such as changes in technology where the hiring demands high technically skill candidates.
We follow the following source of recruitment while staffing:
  1. Internal Recruitment – Identifying potential candidates inside the organisation who can be elevated and fill vacant position as per the need. 
  2. External recruitment – Identifying right candidate from the pool of the candidates data base we have.
  3. Advertising – To find out the right candidate, advertising in popular media for attracting the talent.
  4. Educational institutions – For entry level position, we approach the educational institutions where potential right candidates are selected who can be groomed as per organisation requirement.
  5. Voluntary applications – We have “Walk in “interview process and that data base is also explored for selecting the proper candidate.
  6. Referral by current employee – We also suggest to get the employee referral to the organisation through which right talent are attracted.
After getting the right pool of candidates and job role analysis, selection is done based on personality test, intelligence test, knowledge test and performance or work sample test followed by reference test to make the selection.