Interim Management Solution

The core focus of this function is to quickly place seasoned managers with proven track record on temporary assignments to manage your company’s short term challenges as per your need.
We provide our clients first level managers ( Interim executives) and their assignment includes interim coverage for vacancies, projects of all kinds, turnaround and restructuring effort, business development and management of business challenges.
Steps in the placement process:
  1. Receipt of customer inquiry 
  2. Agreement on a precise definition of role and responsibilities including required skill set 
  3. Selection of suitable candidates from our pool or our network, including review of interest, availability, specific qualifications and required soft-skill profile 
  4. Presentation of information about the most suitable candidates, generally within 4 days of receiving an e-mail inquiry about an assignment 
  5. Submission of bid for services including proposed conditions 
  6. Conference call or in-person visit to introduce candidates selected by customer 
  7. Conclusion of contract with customer and interim manager 
  8. Start of work or project
But no matter how fast or flexible the process is, our guiding principle always remains the same: We provide our customers with the very best solutions along with proven quality!