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Our outsourcing services include:

(i) Organization Structure and Staffing Solutions
(ii) Payroll Services
(iii) Employee Orientation Programs

The clients may opt for a package including all of these services a wholesome package or a combination of any one or two of them as per the client’s requirement.

Complete Outsourcing

In case of complete outsourcing, we take the full responsibility of creating or changing the organisational structure, their staffing and payroll services and employee orientation program as well. Our experts are either placed or pay regular visits at the client sites to take care of the services.

Partial Outsourcing

In the cases where the clients opt for partial outsourcing, we serve to get the tasks done with the clients’ internal teams. We provide required technical knowledge and support to the members of the concerned department.

Project Basis

The terms of services to be outsourced are decided mutually in advance for a specific tenure/project. Completion of tasks and handover is done within that tenure.

Benefits of outsourcing to clients:

(i) Ability to focus more on the core business activities outsourcing HR related tasks to us
(ii) Getting an easy access to skilled experts with great industry exposure 
(iii) Saving cost of employing full time employees 
(iv) Getting an edge over competitors and a better risk management